Awards will be given to architecture projects and research that innovatively use building materials, considering the following parameters:

  • the project's originality;
  • awareness of environmental sustainability;
  • relations between humans, architecture and the land;
  • technical, aesthetic or conceptual innovation.

The contest is open to all architect, engineers, landscape designers, urban planners, designers and photographer of any age.
All candidates may submit entries in two categories:

  • Landmark of the year, the architectural work must be designed for contemporary living and be built after 1 January 2010 by a licensed architect of any age;
  • Research, unbuilt projects for urban redevelopment, ideal buildings, dissertations and theoretical reflection on contemporary living by architects who graduated after 1 January 2000;

No entry fee required!
Accredited users will then be able to upload the required material anonymously.

All material must be submitted by 11st Oct 2016.

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